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who we are?
iSoftWe Education and Technology Solutions  Pty (Ltd) is an entrepreneurship that was established in 2019. "Isoftwe" is isiXhosa for "software". The word play in "isoftwe": 'I' create software that 'we' can use. Finding solutions to problems in education, the foundation of our society, is the motivation behind iSofWe.
Brief Profile of Entrepreneur:
- Almost 10 years High School Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Natural Sciences and Physical Sciences teaching experience.
- Experience as a National Senior Certificate Marker.
- Tutoring High School Mathematics.
- Examiner for Teacher911 and Learner911.
- Vendor, selling educational resources under iSoftWe Store in Teacha (Teaching Resources).
DM Cyster [B.Ed (Mathematics/Sciences) - University of the Western Cape, B.Sc (Computing) - University of South Africa & B.Sc Hons - University of South Africa (Computing)]
Entrepreneur / Freelancer / Tutor / Examiner.
our history

2019 – iSoftWe was established in April, starting off with the release of two applications (Math Revision for Grades 11-12 and K53 Learners Theoretical Tests), available on GooglePlay. The presentation of tutoring sessions for Grades 7-12 Mathematics also started.

2020 – This year marked the release of the FastSolve App - a Calculating and Graphing Tool - available on GooglePlay. 

Tutoring and software and hardware repair is continuing within the local community of Clanwilliam. Development of educational resources, website designs and custom application development, occurs remotely and these services are offered throughout South Africa and the world. 

The FastSolve app promotes optional services for teachers (custom assessments & marking) and students (problem to solutions & tutoring), which is offered remotely.

our goal

iSoftWe strives to contribute toward education, especially in the South African context. Hence, the use of technology is also aiding in this mission. Ultimately, iSoftWe aims to provide a solutions to business, government, individuals and non-profit organizations.

iSoftWe has one employee, is still operating from a home-based office and tutoring occurs at the local library. 

Continues support and growing interest in services, will cause the appointment of unemployed youth as well as ability to rent an office space.